Reignite the Passion and Intimacy in Your Marriage

One-on-One Coaching to Save Your Marriage

Any of These Marriage Struggles Sound Familiar?

The Effects of a Marriage in Trouble

Dazed & Confused

Are you overwhelmed by what’s happening but lost as to what to do?

Emotionally Spent

Are you constantly stressed, frustrated, angry, or ashamed?

Scared of Losing Your Wife's Love

Are you scared by the thought that you may actually lose your wife?

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My Marriage Fell Apart...​

Justin Burt, Certified Marriage Coach

My passion for helping men save their marriages began when my own marriage fell apart. I assumed it would fix itself naturally—but it didn’t. I learned this was a myth and so began my journey to learn what went wrong.

I learned all I could about what went wrong in my marriage. After I was remarried, I put all I had learned into practice, and it worked! I quickly realized countless other men were making the exact same mistakes I was making in my first marriage and I wanted to use my experience to serve. I enrolled in training and became a certified marriage coach and now help men just like you uncover the problems that are pulling their marriage apart and reveal the solutions to putting it back together, better than before.

Signature Coaching Program

Intentional Man

In my 90 day program, Intentional Man, I’ll personally guide you along the path to rescuing and reviving your marriage. As overwhelming as it feels, there is hope. A successful relationship requires certain things to be done in certain ways. When you know what they are, and have an expert coach by your side, you’ll finally experience that happily ever after you dream about. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

Are You Ready to Turn Things Around?

Three Steps to Revive or Rescue Your Marriage

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Create the Rescue Plan

Together we’ll create a customized plan to rescue your relationship

Save Your Marriage

We’ll put that plan into action and achieve that happily ever after

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